Undeniable Indicators Of Love Loss

You worry less when you're over someone since you're not as emotionally attached.

You Worry Less About Them

If you're embarrassed or humiliated to be with your lover, that's an indication.

You No Longer Cherish Their Company

A major red flag? You compare them to every possible mate you could have without them.

You Continuously Compare Them

Love involves being attracted to someone, therefore if you stop wanting sex, you may be falling out of love.

Physical Intimacy Is Gone

Dating is fun for making memories with a partner. Thus, it's a clear warning sign that you no longer want these unique moments.

No Date Planning 

Do your arguments cause greater conflict? That indicates a worsening connection.

Arguments Add Drama

Do you daydream of vacations, relocation, or jobs without your SO? Then your relationship may not last.

You Consider Future Plans Without Them

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