Top 8 Lotus Flowers - Most Beautiful Varieties Of Lotus Flowers

Nelumbo Nucifera

This Asian type is likely the most famous. In many Asian cultures, its big, fragrant, pink or white blossoms symbolize purity and rebirth.

Nelumbo Lutea

Found in North America, this variety has large yellow blooms. It's also known as the Yellow Lotus.

Blue Lotus

Despite its name, it's actually a water lily. It has a historical significance in Egyptian culture, where it symbolizes the sun and rebirth.

Red Lotus

This variety of the Sacred Lotus has striking deep red flowers and is highly revered in Asian traditions.

Pink Lotus

A variation of the Sacred Lotus, it's known for its beautiful pink petals and is the national flower of India.

White Lotus

Featuring pure white blossoms, this variety is often associated with purity, beauty, and grace.

Momo Botan Lotus

Known for its double-petal feature, this variety has large, round, pink flowers and is a popular choice for water gardens.

Chawan Basu Lotus

This type has creamy white petals with pink tips, creating a stunning visual contrast.