This Major Fast-Food Chain Is Being Sued For Its Burgers

A new lawsuit accuses Burger King of consumer fraud for using deceptive advertising to attract hungry customers.

The class-action lawsuit, filed last week in the U.S. District Court in Southern Florida, accuses the company of "overstating" the serving

sizes of its Whopper, King, Croissan'Wich, and Double Sausage Sandwiches. The lawsuit was filed by four Florida and New York residents.

Accusing Burger King of "false and misleading advertising," plaintiffs estimate a 35% size disparity between the chain's real and marketed

burgers. In September 2017, Burger King misled customers with ads for burgers that "overflow over the bun," the suit claims.

It estimates that the fast-food giant's promotional burgers are 35% larger and contain "more than double the meat."

Due to Burger King's "overstated menu items," the plaintiffs are suing for "breach of contract, negligent representation, and unjust

enrichment." Burger King must stop misrepresenting the size of its burgers and sandwiches, the plaintiffs say, in addition to damages.

Although not yet class-action, the suit seeks to represent Burger King customers who feel they were mislead by its advertising since September 2017.

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