Taco Bell's Most Popular Discontinued Item Is Finally Coming Back

Mexican Pizza returns to Taco Bell after a two-year sabbatical and much petitioning.

Fans can celebrate that the news isn't rumor or speculation after a long road. In a few weeks, the chain will offer Mexican Pizza.

Despite several incorrect predictions and conjectures, rapper Doja Cat was the first to declare the Mexican Pizza's comeback live on stage at Coachella on Sunday.

The artist often tweets about reviving the item. In March, Taco Bell asked her to sing a TikTok commercial on her love of Mexican Pizza.

Mexican Pizza was discontinued on November 5, 2020. After an unanticipated amount of fan outrage, a Change.org petition garnered

over 200,000 signatures. Taco Bell fans are used to surprise menu changes, like the six-month suspension of Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes

However, a few internet speculations gave pizza fans false optimism before Taco Bell's official announcement this week. A Halloween-

themed commercial heralding the item's October comeback was bogus, shocking Taco Bell's Reddit community last year. In November, an

alleged transcript of Taco Bell's vice president and COO Mike Grams' leaked video footage said 2022 could be the year customers got their favorite item back.

Taco Bell wants to reward real fans who never gave up. The chain is giving exclusive apparel to petitioners and #IBroughtBackTheMexicanPizza tweeters.

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