How To Arrange Your Living Room, According To Experts

Consider your living room's main function. Is it for relaxation, entertainment, or work? This guides your furniture placement and layout choices.

Define Purpose

Sketch your room's layout, including furniture placements, to visualize space use without physical effort. Use apps or graph paper for planning.

Plan Layout

Identify your living room's focal point, like a fireplace or window. Arrange furniture to highlight this feature, enhancing room aesthetics.

Focal Point

Position sofas and chairs to face each other for conversation. Ensure each seat has a good view, maintaining a cozy yet open setup.

Seating Arrangement

Maintain 2-3 feet of clear walking space around furniture for easy movement. Avoid blocking pathways to other rooms or entrances.

Traffic Flow

Use a mix of overhead, floor, and table lighting to create a warm ambiance. Highlight the room's features with strategic lighting placements.

Layered Lighting

Use rugs to define areas. Ensure rugs are large enough for furniture to sit on or have front legs on the rug, unifying the space.

Rug Placement

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