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8 Of The Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors In America

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Chocolate comes in as the second most popular ice cream flavor among Americans. Then again, there is no need to choose between the top two as they pair with one another perfectly.

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Cookies 'n Cream

Though vanilla ice cream and Oreo Cookies have been sold in grocery stores since the Oreo was invented in 1912, it took 67 years for someone to combine the two desserts together.

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Bright and fruity, strawberry ice cream is a refreshing treat. Made by mixing strawberries and vanilla ice cream, it is no surprise the dessert is a crowd-pleaser.


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Chocolate Chip

Chocolate chip ice cream is everything. The chocolate chips provide a nice crunchy texture to balance the creaminess of the vanilla ice cream.

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Mint Chocolate Chip

This minty twist on classic chocolate chip ice cream is a Baskin-Robins original and gained popularity after being served at Princess Anne's wedding at Westminster Abby under the name Mint Royale.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream originated at the Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop in Burlington, Vermont, following a note a customer left on their flavor suggestion bulletin board in 1984. 

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Butter Pecan

The Butter Pecan ice cream has historical significance. Jim Crow era Black Americans were prohibited from purchasing or eating vanilla ice cream except on the Fourth of July

Moose Tracks

Moose Tracks ice cream is a decadent combination of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, and fudge, or as some might call it, a hole-in-one.

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