10 Surprising Foods That Aren't As Good For You As You Thought

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Granola: While often perceived as a healthy option, many store-bought granolas can be high in added sugars and unhealthy fats. 

Flavored Yogurt: Flavored yogurts often contain high amounts of added sugars, artificial flavors, and preservatives. Choosing plain yogurt and adding your own fresh fruit.

Packaged Smoothies: Pre-packaged smoothies can be convenient, but they often contain added sugars, preservatives, and other additives.

Salad Dressings: Many store-bought salad dressings are high in unhealthy fats, added sugars, and sodium. Opt for homemade dressings made with olive oil.

Processed Veggie Burgers: While marketed as a healthier alternative to meat burgers, some processed veggie burgers can be high in sodium.

Peanut Butter: Reduced-fat peanut butter often contains added sugars and other additives to compensate for the reduced fat content. Opt for natural peanut butter made with.

Rice Cakes: While low in calories, rice cakes are often lacking in nutrients and can cause spikes in blood sugar levels due to their high glycemic index.

Sports Drinks: Sports drinks are marketed as a way to replenish electrolytes and energy during physical activity, but they often contain high amounts of added sugars.

Flavored Instant Oatmeal: Flavored instant oatmeal packets can be high in added sugars and artificial flavors. Opt for plain instant oatmeal and add your own fresh.

Vegetable Chips: While vegetable chips may seem like a healthier alternative to potato chips, they are often fried and high in unhealthy fats and sodium.