These 10 Are the Animals that Hunt Rattlesnakes

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Kingsnakes: Kingsnakes are non-venomous colubrid snakes known for their immunity to certain snake venoms, including rattlesnake venom.

Roadrunners: These iconic birds are known for their ability to catch and eat snakes, including rattlesnakes. Their quick movements and sharp beak.

Hawks and Eagles: Various species of birds of prey, including hawks and eagles, are known to hunt snakes, including rattlesnakes. 

Mongoose: While not native to the Americas where rattlesnakes are common, mongooses in regions such as Africa and Asia are known for their ability to hunt venomous snakes.

Badgers: These burrowing mammals are formidable predators known to prey on a variety of animals, including rattlesnakes.

Feral Hogs: In regions where both feral hogs and rattlesnakes are present, it's not uncommon for hogs to prey on snakes, including rattlesnakes, when encountered.

Coyotes: Opportunistic predators like coyotes may include snakes in their diet, especially smaller or injured ones. While they may not actively seek out rattlesnakes.

Bobcats: These agile felines are known to prey on a variety of small animals, including snakes. While they may not target rattlesnakes specifically.

Mongoose: Found in parts of Africa, Asia, and southern Europe, mongooses are known for their ability to hunt and kill venomous snakes, including cobras and vipers.

Indigo Snakes: Indigo snakes are non-venomous constrictors native to the southeastern United States. They are known to prey on a variety of animals.